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Realm of Ruse

Realm of Ruse

Urban Fantasy

$8.99 paperback

The House of Dreams at the Carnival sounds dream-like, but turns out to be an adventure that Dallin, Izzy, Neal, Olivia, and Bryant were not planning on walking into. Yet, they have to succeed, for many people are counting on them to come to their rescue, and if they fail, they will be trapped forever in a nightmare.This young reader book is perfect for third to fifth graders. It's a great adventure through a world of dreams... or is it? The heroes find it's so much more and people are counting on them to save the day.Word count:18,000-19,000 words. This is a great book to read aloud with your children, as it's fast paced and fun for older readers too, as the "dreams" take the children through the wild west, a sci fi world, and of course, the Realm of Ruse, a fantasy realm where life is anything but a fantasy.

Available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle.

Page Count: 131 Word Count: 19,000

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