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Time Cops

Time Cops

Science Fiction/Fantasy

$14.99 paperback

Everyone expected great things of Rynn when he became a Time Cop. After all, his father was the head of the department, so he'd been training for years. Yet, he never expected that as a brand new member of the force that he'd be pulled through a space anomaly where he would have to face magic, beasts, and intrigues in worlds that were like nothing he'd ever experienced. Everyone trapped with him turns to him to lead them, and Rynn finds the fate of four worlds resting on him.This is a great novel for any age from younger readers through adults. It's clean and family friendly, but action packed and intense. The different worlds and cultures give a richness and variety, including modern, fantasy, science fiction, and steampunk all mixed together. Don't miss the exciting adventure.

Available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle.

Page Count: 291 Word Count: 71,000

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