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Royal Duty

Royal Duty


$14.99 paperback

Swashbuckling excitement!Legend says there is no greater hero than the Silver Fox. Legend says that he is the best swordsman for many kingdoms. Legend says that he is brave, strong, and cunning. Legend is right!Legend says that he is faster than lightning, more powerful than a bear, able to catch an arrow in its flight, and entirely invincible. There, legend is wrong.When Princess Elizabeth runs away from and arranged marriage and finds herself in mortal danger, he must save her, and make the arranged marriage happen, or both the kingdoms of Llyr and Avalon will fall. The swashbuckling superhero, The Silver Fox, will impress any reader with his wit and charm. This is a swashbuckling fairy tale that can touch your heart.

Available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle.

Page Count: 359 Word Count: 81,000

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