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The Frothy Mug

The Frothy Mug


$14.99 paperback

"If you want to survive, you must learn to be aware of your surroundings." -- The Tiger Alone, robbed, and injured, Daniel shows up at The Frothy Mug Tavern. Although used to a life of luxury, he learns the value of hard work and duty from the barmaid Sarah. Life as a peasant is hard. The tavern owner is cruel, the kingdom is at threat of war, and Daniel is being hunted. To save himself, he must learn to fight. To save his kingdom, he must learn to sacrifice his desires for duty. To save the one he loves, he must learn to be a hero. The only one who can teach him is the cunning, legendary, leader of the bandits -- the Tiger!

Available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle.

Page Count: 323 Word Count: 78,000

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