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Retro Tales: Fairy Tale Mall

Retro Tales: Fairy Tale Mall

Urban Fantasy/Fairy Tale

$14.99 paperback

Tanner didn't believe in magic, at least not until Calia opened a fairy tale shop in the mall his dad owned and he oversaw a great deal of. Calia had some sort of magic and saw fairy tales all around them. When they started playing out, everyone had to question if fairies and magic are real or if Calia was some sort of witch. At first, the tales are cute, but as the stakes rise, Tanner must decide what is most important: the mall, his life, or the lives of his friends. Never did he think he'd be playing a deadly game that could cost him and his friends their lives.

Available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle.

Page Count: 347 Word Count: 84,500

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